Roo Flags.

We were asked to design and make some custom flags last year, for the Australian Super Bike round held at Morgan Park Raceway in Warwick. We came up with the design of an orange flag with a black diamond and a kangaroo in the centre. Morgan Park Raceway has a population of kangaroos that sometimes like to get a little active while racing is on. The roo flags are waved with a yellow flag to alert riders that kangaroos are in the immediate area. These flags proved to be a huge success, as when riders see a yellow they are looking for something on the track, when they see the roo flag with it, they know to look off the track as well.

These flags were received so well we have since made another set for the car club at Morgan Park Raceway.

They have also become a popular piece of Morgan Park motorsport memorabilia with our officials and are available to order.

Custom kangaroo flags.

Custom kangaroo flags.

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