Sewing without Boundaries

Stitch Smith Modify, Repair and Create...

Stitch Smith Work with Leather, Lace, Stretch and Woven Fabrics to create, modify or repair just about any type of garment.

Stitch Smith has over 20 years’ experience in Dressmaking, Design and industrial production of garments. Our work, skill-set and experience is wide and varied, ranging from the design and manufacture of High-end Bridal gowns to repair and manufacture of leather goods.

Stitch Smith can ensure the perfect fit through custom tailoring, with a unique understanding of fashion and styling coupled with the practical skills and experience to carry out the work.

Our areas of interest include but are not limited to Bridal, Formal wear, Swimwear, Costumes, Lingerie, Leather repair and welcome your inquiry whether it's for a one-off commission or industrial production, or somewhere in-between

Stitch Smith are based in Landsborough on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland

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