Motorcycle leather repair/restoration.

If you race or ride a motorcycle on the road, there is a chance you may go for a slide on the bitumen. With any luck the damage to your leathers is only cosmetic, but if it’s that or more substantial damage, we’ve got you covered. Check out these before and after photos.

Before and after, repairs on a Ricondi race suit.

Before and after. A bit of paint, repair and a new patch was needed on this suit.

Repair to Ricondi racesuit.

This Ricondi suit needed some paint, repair to the leather stripes and new patches to get it looking like new again.

Before and after, repair to Ricondi race suit.

We hand painted a new leather patch for this Ricondi suit to keep the original look.

Before and after restoration on motorcycle leathers.

Just a few scuffs on this suit that needed touching up, to get it looking like new again.