Holden Fanatic

This custom leather footstool was designed and made from scratch, for a life long Holden fan and ex racer. This footstool has a great retro feel to it and is absolutely loved by its owner.

Our custom footstools can be designed around any theme or colour, to match in with your existing decor or just to look cool and be a talking point in any room.

Each piece of furniture is individually designed, race numbers or custom logos can be added to personalise and make it one of a kind. You can recycle something like an old race suit or it can be made from new materials. The choice is yours.

Custom Holden Foostool showing quilted top and Holden Logo.

A quilting effect was used on the top to replicate a race suit.

Custom leather footstool showing leather race number.

A leather race number was an essential feature on this piece.

Leather racing logo.

Leather racing logo.

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