Leather alteration

Sometimes off the rack items fit perfectly, sometimes they do not, one option is to get items made to measure but this isn’t often the most convenient or affordable option as lead times can be long and prices can rise significantly, a pair of made to measure race leathers can be twice the price of a comparable ready-made suit by the same manufacturer.

Not everyone has the same proportions¬†so it’s not surprising that a suit can fit perfectly in some areas but need some work in other areas. Reducing the length of arms and legs, taking in panels to remove bulk, increasing the width of panels or adding stretch material to make the suit more comfortable are small tasks that can make an off the rack suit fit like custom for a fraction of the price.

The Ricondi suit in the images below needed 100mm removed from the leg length and the calf section needed to be tapered to fit better under the boots, we increased the length of the stretch panel in the arms by adding stretch Kevlar material which help with movement and reduced the tightness that this competitor was feeling during races.

Do your leathers fit as well as they can? Stitchsmith can give you the made to measure fit for less than you think.


Collage showing race leathers on the Singer machine

Ricondi Race leathers being altered on the Singer machine.