Custom Holden Foostool showing quilted top and Holden Logo.

Holden Fanatic

This custom leather footstool was designed and made from scratch, for a life long Holden fan and ex racer. This footstool has a great retro feel to it and is absolutely loved by its owner. Our custom footstools can be designed around any theme or colour, to match in with your existing decor or just to[…]

RST race suit before and after. The old patches were removed and replaced with new sponsor logos.

Racesuit Overhaul

This RST leather race suit was structurally perfect but it had lived a hard life and was starting to look very tired and scuffed. We cleaned it up, did a major cosmetic overhaul, designed, sourced and added multiple sponsor patches and a custom rider logo patch in hard-wearing subsurface printed vinyl. The results speak for[…]

Before and after shot of Berik motorcycle leather repair to arm and shoulder.

Leather Repair

This Berik suit came to Stitchsmith after its owner had an unfortunate crash at the track. He is now ready to get back on the bike but the suit needed a few repairs and a little cosmetic work to make them pretty again. The kevlar was replaced with a new panel and the hole was[…]

Collage showing race leathers on the Singer machine

Leather alteration

Sometimes off the rack items fit perfectly, sometimes they do not, one option is to get items made to measure but this isn’t often the most convenient or affordable option as lead times can be long and prices can rise significantly, a pair of made to measure race leathers can be twice the price of[…]

image showing Workshop roller stool recovered with Alpinestar leathers in a garage

Alpinestars Supermoto suit workshop stool

The latest leather related recycling project for Stitchsmith was to repurpose a set of Alpinestars S1 Supermoto leathers to customise a workshop stool. The suit was cut off the wearer by the paramedics following a self described “loss of talent” at the racetrack and have since been replaced by a new set, it’s great to see[…]

Subsurface printed vinyl patches on leather suit

Make it yours

Race leathers aren’t complete without some personalisation, whether it’s adding your sponsor’s logos to your leathers help increase their brand awareness and visibility, or getting your name or logo stitched across your butt so your opponents know who they are getting beaten by! The image in this post shows some subsurface printed patches sewn onto[…]

Custom made leather Ottoman using recycled leather racing suit

Put your feet up

Our recycled leather Ottoman always gets favourable comments from fellow racers. Turning your worn out leathers into a beautiful and functional item is a great way to preserve the memories of days spent at the track… or that time you went on an ambulance ride! This started off life as a one-piece suit that had seen[…]

Leather Alpinestarts S1 Suit modifications

Off the cuff

We carried out a basic but necessary modification to this Alpinestar S1 leather Supermoto suit. Unlike many suits, the forearms on this suit do not have stretch panels and this was causing the owner some discomfort during races. We widened the forearms, added Kevlar stretch material and remade the cuffs to ensure a perfect fit[…]